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Are you looking for a League of Legends summoner lookup app that delivers ranked stats, match history and champion performance? LoLHistory is the app for you! You don’t need to browse LoLKing and OP.GG on your phone anymore, just open the app and search a LoL player by entering their summoner name, region and instantly bring up match data, player builds and champion stats. You can even browse current live games to help you scout your opposing team’s runes and masteries and champion proficiencies.

LoLHistory is a great way to analyze tons of data for the worlds most popular esports MOBA game. By reviewing your matches and champions stats you’ll be able to find the best builds you’ve been using in each matchup and determine your strengths and weaknesses. The app includes popular League of Legends success metrics like KDA, CS, damage done, wards placed etc. Even if you’re a greasy Teemo main, a toxic Draven one-trick or another blind Lee Sin this app can help you Reform(tm) and become the next LCS pro!


  • Summoner lookup with recent search history. Also includes option to favourite games and save for later 😀
  • Recent lol match history (last 10 games)
  • Advanced per match statistics including damage dealt, damage taken, gold earned by player and metrics like kill participants and avg damage per minute
  • Ranked champion stat breakdowns. Supports sorting by the following stats:
    • Games played
    • Win %
    • Avg creep score per game (CS)
    • Avg KDA
    • Avg gold per game
  • Personal and team league standings and information (rank, wins losses, lp and other stats)
    • Ranked Solo
    • Ranked 3v3
    • Ranked 5v5
  • Sharing match statistics and screenshots and graphs via any installed share supported app (Twitter, Facebook, SMS, email etc.) Sharing looks like this:
  • Option to view official graphs, diagrams and breakdowns of the selected match directly on the League of Legends website from within the app.
  • Looking up live games and participants!

Supports the following regions:
Does not support Garena or Tencent servers! (why?)

Tournaments & events

We partner with some great tournament organizations. You can check out their tournament listings on our tournaments page.
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Your feedback is very important, and will help improve the app and make it better for you! For questions, bugs or feature requests please contact me:
twitter: @lolhistoryapp
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